Personal Injury is a broad category of legal claims that includes automobile and motorcycle wrecks, truck wrecks, slip and fall claims, dog bite injury claims and many others. One often confusing aspect of any personal injury claim is insurance - most responsible people purchase insurance against their own negligence or the negligence of their companies' employees. Most folks have very little experience dealing with insurance companies, beyond buying their own policies. 


Make no mistake - when you or a family member is injured and makes a claim, an insurance company's focus is on closing your claim for as small a payout as possible. When you watch football on the weekends, what do you see over and over? Insurance company advertisements, offering low premiums, cut-rate coverages and "fast, friendly claims handling." These promises are usually peddled by some affable-seeming sort of spokesperson, be it Flo or a caveman or a lizardThis façade is an effort to hide the brutal, impersonal and singularly unfair manner in which these same insurers handle the claims of injured people. Do not be fooled. GEICO, State Farm, Allstate, and Progressive all spend their money on cute commercials, instead of paying legitimate claims. That is how they make money - by shorting you when you are injured and file a claim.

Don't take on these corporate behemoths by yourself. Retain Kevin Elwell, and arm yourself with experience and know-how. We will work hard, and efficiently, to put your claim in front of the insurance company in the most persuasive way possible. We are not a firm that turns you away just because we cannot quickly settle your claim. You need someone who practices law in all phases of a claim, not a settlement mill with flashy television commercials. Our firm handles your case from the minute we are retained, through filing a suit, litigation, mediation, trial and appeal, if necessary. We provide full service, and we do not stop until your case is handled completely.

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